Summary Mr. Chapin is widely recognized as an important contributor to the field of data communications and to the Internet research community, and brings a wealth of practical experience as the architect, designer, and implementor of large-scale commercial and government networks to the challenges GTE faces as a telephone company in the new world of the Internet. His background as a key contributor to major international and industry standards bodies and professional associations enables GTE and its customers to make well-informed strategic decisions in critical areas of rapid technological evolution.


B.A. Mathematics, Cornell University, 1973


Chief Scientist, BBN Technologies (Jan 98 – present)

Responsible for strategic technology initiatives that combine the strengths of BBN with those of the other units of the GTE Technology Organization (GTE Laboratories, CyberTrust Solutions, and Federal Network Systems), particularly in the area s of information security, electronic commerce, and electronic payment systems.

Chief Technology Officer, BBN Professional Services. (Jan 98 – Jun 99)

Responsible for maintaining and promoting the technical sophistication and expertise that are the distinguishing features of Professional Services engagements with government and commercial clients, and for the coordination of GTE CyberTrust and Professional Services business and technical strategies.

Principal Consultant, BBN Systems & Technologies. (Apr 93 - Dec 97)

Senior consultant to commercial and government clients of BBN’s Professional Services Group, and to product development and research groups throughout BBN.

Chief Network Architect, BBN Communications. (Sep 90 - Mar 93)

Chief architect for the design and development of BBN Communications products. Responsible for cooperative technology relationships with other subsidiaries and divisions of BBN Inc. and with other companies, and for the management of BBN’s participation in industry standards activities.

Senior Consulting Engineer, Distributed Systems Architecture, Data General Corporation. (Oct 77 - Sep 90)

Founding member of DG’s original Networks development group, responsible for network system design and the development of software products for distributed resource management (operating–system embedded RPC), distributed database access, X.25–based local- and wide-area networks, and OSI–based transport, internetwork, and routing functions in local- and wide-area networks. Director of the distributed systems architecture group, responsible for the development of DG’s Distributed Application Architecture (DAA) and its directory and management services.

Systems Analyst, Systems & Programs Ltd., New Zealand. (Aug 84 - Sep 86)

Programmer and systems analyst for large–scale mainframe–based business software development projects.


Internet Society

Founding member of the Board of Trustees (Jun 92 – Sep 94)
Internet Society 1998 conference program committee co-chair

Internet Architecture Board (IAB)

Chairman (Jul 91 – Mar 93)
Member (Jan 89 – Mar 93)

Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG)

Internet Standards Area Director (Mar 93 – Jun 94)

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6 (Telecommunications standards)

Head of USA national delegation (Apr 84 – Nov 93)
Editor for ISO/IEC 8348 (Network service definition), 8473 (CLNP), 9542 (ES-IS routing protocol), and related Network and Transport standards

Wiley Computer Publishing

Founder and editor (with Scott Bradner, Vint Cerf, and Ed Kozel) of the Wiley Networking Council publishing imprint (1997-Present)

CommerceNet Consortium

Director (Jun 99 – Present)

ANSI–accredited task group X3S3.3 (Network and Transport layer standards)

Chairman (Feb 82 – Nov 93)

ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication (SIGCOMM)

Past Chairman (Jul 95 – Jun 99)
Chairman (Jul 91 – Jun 95)
Vice-chairman (Jul 85 – Jun 91)
Executive committee (Jul 83 – Jun 99)
SIGCOMM Conference program committee (Sep 90 – Sep 95)
SIGCOMM Conference general chairman (1999)


Fellow (Jan00 – Present)
Senior member (Aug 94 – Dec99)


Co-founder of the refereed journal IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (1993)
Inter-society steering committee for Transactions on Networking (Jun 93 – Jun 97; chairman Jul 93 – May 95)

International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)

USA (ACM) representative to IFIP Technical Committee 6 (Communication Systems) (Apr 94 – Present)IFIP Networking 2000 conference program committee


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Co-editor for two Feature Topic issues of IEEE Communications on "The Global Internet", May 1997 and June 1997.

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