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Enhance Information Technology Learning
Full statement

A World Wide Web of Education Is FREE
The reviews are in and the United States Department of Education has a hit. Now playing nightly (and daily) in a classroom, homeroom, living room near you...wherever there is a computer connected to the Internet. And it's FREE.

This Is NOT Your Father's 4-H Club
The Department of Agriculture's 4-H program is embracing technology at full speed on the rural information superhighway. And an intergenerational partnership -- Teens Teaching Seniors -- brings 4-H teenagers and senior citizens together for fun and funny tutorials on how-to-surf-the-net.

Information Revolution
Will Kill 20th Century Dinosaurs

"...the demands of the Information Revolution will kill our 20th century dinosaurs -- those organizations that cannot, or will not, adapt to the new global realities of the next millennium," said Office of Personnel Management Janice LaChance.

Webcasting: HUD Broadcasts Online
Housing and Urban Development's Webcasts let people attend events "live" through the web. If a citizen or business partner can't make the broadcast time, no problem. Each live broadcast is archived and becomes part of HUD's video library, allowing access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Teaching With Technology
The National Endowment for the Humanities has awarded Schools for a New Millennium grants to 20 schools nationwide. They will become models of how to use computer technology to enrich teaching of the humanities. NEH also maintains EDSITEment, a gateway site that presents the 49 best sites out of more than 65,000 humanities-related sites. Each site comes with lesson plans offering suggestions on how to use the materials effectively in the classroom.


We're Looking for Stories
As the number of government employees declines, the remaining employees must rely on technology to do their jobs. Technology training is essential for every employee from headquarters executives to front line employees. And technology can facilitate training, whether it is about policy, procedures, or technical know-how.

Access America E-Gov E-Zine is looking for stories about federal agencies, or multi-agency partnerships, that are using information technology and telecommunications to train their workforce. Subject areas can range from basic computer competence and advanced systems and Internet applications to the agency's strategic vision and mission.

These stories can be short, as in a "byte" of about 150 words, or they can be longer feature stories. Write feature stories in plain language with quotes from federal officials and employees who can attest to the benefits of training staff in the use of technology and using distance learning and network delivery to train their workforce.

Include a contact person with phone number and email address. Send your stories to or If you need more information, call Pat Wood, National Partnership for Reinventing Government, (202) 694-0063. Please pass this request along to others who may be interested.