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Guarantee Privacy and Security
Full statement

Truth About PKI Isn't
Always Common Knowledge
In a special essay for Government Computer News, Government security czar Richard Guida says myths obscure the fact that public-key technology is the best bet.

"Access with Trust" Is Online
January 5, 1999--A new report, Access With Trust, describes a technology essential to achieving the Access America vision of providing electronic access to government services by 2000. "Public/private key" technology provides important tools for agencies working to replace paper forms, toll-free telephone lines, and mail-in envelopes with totally electronic services. This report was published by the Government Information Technology Services Board, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Steering Committee. The document is available at

Melissa Be Gone--How to Report and Recover When a Virus Attacks
You need to move fast when a virus like Melissa hits. The Federal Computer Incident Response Capability (FedCIRC) program issues advisories about marauders, let's you report a break in, and gives you solutions for overcoming the evil bug. This program is funded by the Government Information Technology Services Board's Innovation Fund. It was a 1998 winner of the Industry Advisory Council (IAC)/GITSB Award for Promoting Electronic Government. The Melissa advisory is a joint effort with Carnegie-Mellon University.

We're Looking for Stories
Federal workers are doing amazing things to deliver government services electronically. But Americans value their privacy. They want their personal information kept confidential, no matter what. Thus they want electronic services accompanied by security and privacy safeguards they can trust. Access America Online Magazine wants to tell what federal agencies are doing to keep electronic transactions secure.

We are looking for stories about federal agencies, or multi-agency partnerships, that are developing national privacy and security policies as well as technical solutions that Americans can count on.

These stories can be short, as in a "byte" of about 150 words, or they can be longer feature stories. Write feature stories in plain language with quotes from customers who experience the service electronically and quotes from federal employees and their partners who deliver the service.

Include a contact person with phone number and email address. Send your stories to or If you need more information, call Pat Wood, National Partnership for Reinventing Government, (202) 694-0063. Please pass this request along to others who may be interested.