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September is National Cholesterol Education Month

Keep the Beat--Cholesterol Counts for Everyone

folder cover gifThe National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) would like to welcome you to NCEP KIT 99--the online version of the National Cholesterol Education Month kit.

Since 1985, the NCEP has been supporting educational efforts directed at health professionals and the public. These efforts are designed to raise awareness and understanding about high blood cholesterol as a risk factor for coronary heart disease and to provide information that will be helpful in lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Beginning in September, look for updates and enhancements to NCEP’s popular Web site, "Live Healthier, Live Longer," including information about cholesterol lowering for those who want to reduce their risk of developing CHD (primary prevention), links to new publications, updated tips of the month, and an expanded Create-a-Diet feature. The site can be found at

There are many exciting types of information in NCEP KIT 99 for use by the public and health professionals alike. Each piece is different, so be sure to take the time to explore each one.

These are some of the items included in your kit:

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A drop-in article that discusses NCEP activities related to the three areas of focus for Cholesterol Month, a review of recent statin trials, cholesterol lowering in older Americans, and the lifetime risk for developing CHD. Use the article as a drop-in news story in your organization’s newsletter, journal, or magazine.

animated check graphic Ten ideas for cholesterol month activities in settings such as health departments, worksite wellness programs, and community programs.
animated check graphic A tip sheet for cholesterol lowering in older America.
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Heart-healthy recipes that can be reproduced and distributed.

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Selected sample educational materials. An order form (PDF format) listing a full range of educational materials available from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) is included.

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A Comments / Feedback form. Please take a moment to send us any comments or feedback you may have about the online kit so that we can tailor future kits to your needs.

These files are not copyrighted and may be adapted, photocopied, or otherwise reproduced without permission. If you do reprint NHLBI materials, please cite NHLBI as the source.

These are just a few of the materials in your kit. You may find other items that suit your needs, so please take a look at all of them. Click Here to continue . . .