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Joseph R. Wright

Joe Wright is president and CEO of PanAmSat Corporation, one of the largest providers of global video and data broadcasting services via satellite, operating a worldwide network of 22 in-orbit spacecrafts reaching 98% of the world's population. Prior to taking this position in 2001, he was Vice-Chairman of Terremark Worldwide, operator of Network Access Points (NAP's) in the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

He was also Chairman of GRC International that provided advanced IT, Internet and software technologies to government/commercial customers. After a turn around, it was sold to AT&T. He was also Co-Chairman of Baker & Taylor a Carlyle majority owned book/video/software distribution company. From 1989-1994, Joe was EVP, Vice Chairman and Director of W.R. Grace, Chairman of Grace Energy Company and President of Grace Environmental Company. From 1982-1989, he was Deputy Director and Director of the Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and a member of President Reagan's Cabinet. Prior to that he was Deputy Secretary of the Department of Commerce and he previously held the position of President of two Citibank subsidiaries; was a partner of Booz Allen and Hamilton, and held various management and economic positions in the Federal Departments of Commerce and Agriculture. Mr. Wright currently serves on the Board of Directors/Advisors of AT&T Government Solutions, Titan Corp., Proxim Corp., Terremark Worldwide, Baker & Taylor, Verso Technologies, and the Federal Governments NRIC (FCC) and PMAC (OMB).