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Texas Tax Reform Commission to Hold Hearing in Nacogdoches

AUSTIN – The Texas Tax Reform Commission will meet Tuesday, Feb. 21, in Nacogdoches to gather recommendations on how to reform the state tax structure.

The hearing is part of a series of public hearings the commission is holding across the state to gather input from Texans on how to modernize the tax structure and reduce property taxes. The public is invited to participate.

The 24-member, bi-partisan commission was created by Gov. Rick Perry in September 2005. It is chaired by former Texas comptroller John Sharp. Since the commission’s creation, the Texas Supreme Court has ruled the state’s current school property tax structure unconstitutional and has given lawmakers until June 1 to devise a different tax system and lower school property taxes.

The governor has outlined five key principles to guide the commission’s deliberations on tax reforms. Perry said our new tax structure must be fair, broad-based, modern, understandable to taxpayers and competitive with other states “so that Texas can continue to attract jobs by maintaining the best business climate in America.”

Details of the Nacogdoches meeting and later meetings of the commission are as follows:

Tuesday, Feb. 21

- 10:00 a.m. – Nacogdoches
- Texas Tax Reform Commission to hold public hearing.
- Fredonia Hotel
- In the Banita Ballroom
- 200 North Fredonia
- Nacogdoches, TX 75961

Tuesday, Feb. 28

- 10:00 a.m. – Midland
- Texas Tax Reform Commission to hold public hearing.
- Commemorative Air Force Museum
- In the Museum Classroom
- Midland International Airport
- 9600 Wright Drive
- Midland, TX 79706

Monday, March 6

- 10:00 a.m. – San Antonio
- Texas Tax Reform Commission to hold public hearing.
- San Antonio City Council Chamber
- In the Municipal Plaza Building
- 103 Main Plaza
- San Antonio, Texas 78205