March 13, 2000

This Website contains verbatim transcripts of Commission proceedings. The proceedings were open to the public and included statements by witnesses who appeared at the proceedings. In performing the public service of making these transcripts available, the Commission does not vouch for the accuracy of any witness' statement.

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Commissioners Present

Table of Contents

Introduction, Chairman Murray Weidenbaum

Introduction, Chairman C. Richard D'Amato

Opening Remarks, Senator Charles E. Schumer

Presentation by Dr. William C. Dudley

Presentation by Dr. Robert H. Dugger

Presentation by David Hale

Presentation by Dr. John Lipsky

Presentation by the Hon. Gerald Corrigan

Presentation by the Hon. Roger M. Kubarych

Presentation by Jeff Madrick

Presentation by the Hon. Edwin M. Truman

Presentation by the Hon. Paul A. Volcker

Presentation by Ambassador Thomas M.T. Niles

Presentation of Dr. Barry Bluestone

Presentation of George Kohl, Sr.

Presentation of John Howley

Presentation of Ambassador Frank G. Wisner

Presentation of Captain Duane E. Woerth

Presentation of Michael L. Ducker

Presentation of Bonnie Richardson

Presentation of Richard Masur

Presentation of Tim Clawson

Presentation of Steven J. Thompson

Presentation of Brian M. Freeman

Presentation Dr. Jane Pisano

Presentation of Lee Saunders