Posted: Apr 28, 2005 By: Tom Clark

Subject: tax reform

Comment: I have thought conciderably on this subject and the most fair of all taxes would be a flat tax. Taxes could be spead evenly if all peoples and businesses paid the same percentage. It would generate a sense of fairness from all classes of people. The actual percentage could be a flat 20% and 25% for businesses should generate more than enough income for our government.
The only draw back is what do we do with the IRS and all of the accountants that are now gainfully imployed because of the "simplified tax laws?" Keeping the IRS around to sporatically check the businesses for their correct profit and loss statements would be required. We have been supporting the IRS for a long time so a few years of supporting them longer would be no problem. Let them keep their jobs and due to attrition, they will down size to the correct level. The accountants are the people who will be hurt the worst, but they can search and find employment just as easily as I would find employment or be retrained by our wonderful government.
I am tired of paying my 38% to taxes and would whole heartedly applaud a flat tax and feel like everyone is now pulling their full weight as they should and not be getting a free ride.