Posted: May 18, 2005 By: Donna Patterson

Subject: fair tax act

Comment: After hearing the testomonies I still am in support of the fair tax act, I don't feel that any of the others , including the flat tax, will promote economic growth as well. I have spoken to individuals at the National Retail Federation about why they oppose the fair tax act. I feel that their answer is worth mentioning. Because it is a consumption tax and when other countries have tried to implement a consumption tax they have ended up with both income and consumption taxes which devistated the economy. I don't think that they realize that the fair tax calls for repealing the constitutional amendment permiting income tax. But the point is worth making ,the fair tax has been carefully thought out for the last 10 years and need to be implemented with no alterations.
I could go on about all the benefits of HR25 but I believe that has been done. Just wanted to let you know that one more citizen and small retail business owner is in full support of the fair tax act and feel that it would be the best choice for this country.