Posted: Apr 26, 2005 By: Robert Semands

Comment: I favor HR25/S25 as written by John Linder. The FAIRTAX is the only plan
that would dramatically stimulate our economy and reverse the liquidation of
our wealth through the massive and record trade deficits we seem to run each
month. The FAIRTAX would also reverse the flood of jobs leaving our shores
for other countries. HR25/S25 is the only bill that would tax the $1
trillion underground economy, criminals, drug dealers, illegal aliens and
visitors. Over $6 trillion in corporate offshore accounts would flow back to
this country under the FAIRTAX. The FAIRTAX is simple, fair, and revenue
neutral and naturally progressive. I urge you to adopt this plan as the the
key recommendation to the President for tax reform.


Robert W. Semands
1821 Courtney Lane
Edmond, OK 73013