Posted: Oct 08, 2005 By: Al Kaveney

Subject: Fair Tax is a no-brainer

Comment: The Fair Tax allows one to keep ALL of the the money they earn; spending it the way they want to. Would bring back more jobs to the country. Would eliminate lobbyists wasting our tax money with their pork programs. Would allow families to pass on their inheritances to their families or where ever they wanted to place it without worrying about the government taking their un-fair share as they didn't have anything to do with what you earned...They have only been taking away a large portin of your earnings. And let's be honest...I know the politicans have to pass HR25, but unfortunately they're afraid to do the right thing because of the Washington Beltway way of doing things...Again, when you really look at it, and study it, "IT'S A NO-BRAINER." The FAIR TAX SHOULD BE PASSED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.