Posted: Apr 26, 2005 By: Joseph Griggs

Subject: 16th Amendment Must Go--Install Simple Fair Tax

Comment: Dear President Bush, and the Federal Tax Advisory Panel:

Both as an individual and as a business owner I encourage you to help make us all honest and fair taxpayers by eliminating the current Federal Income Tax Code and replace it with a National Sales Tax as proposed by the current HB/ 25 and SB/25. The new system would even solve the pending Social Security "crisis." This would make all of our citizens and non-citizens fund the best government and help spread it throughout the rest of the world. Do what is right for the average American, Mr. Bush, and you will go down as one of the greatest Presidents of all time. Money Matters!"

I am counting on you for myself, my family, and expecially my grandchildren who will not be able to live long enough to read the ammendments to the existing tax code.

Sincerely, Joseph Griggs, Traverse City, MI, USA