Posted: Oct 16, 2005 By: Derrick McNeill

Subject: Tax Reform

Comment: The tax panal must take us American Citizens as fools. The panel did not do one thing the president ask them to do. The result of this panel finding were clearing of the finding of self interest and not for the american people. If you are for the poor and the children you will support House Bill 25. I'm sick and tired of you politicians playing like you have the american people best interest at heart. I dont care about being a democrate or a republican all I care about at this time is that the american people are free from the arms and holds that our tax system has bestow upon us good americans Have you not forgotten the Boston tea party? This time it will not be tea we are going to throw in the harber it's going to be politicians that we throw out of washington on there butts. I really think we need a political cleansing for america because the politicians are destroying our hopes and dreams.