Posted: Apr 27, 2005 By: Steven Sulikowski

Subject: Fair Tax Proposal

Comment: I am a supporter of the Fair Tax proposal. It appears to be the best opportunity to continue to keep America competitive as a world leader of innovative ideals, economic models and space-age technologies. The repeal of the 16th amendment is a must for the United States of America. The economic gain and job growth to be produced by this complete repeal of all income based taxes is exactly what all of America needs now as our global competition is getting better at competeing with USA under our own rules. This would re-level the playing field again and in our favor. I do not support any VAT proposal as it would be more of the same limitational growth economics and hidden taxation that is currently destroying America now. Besides, why would America want to adopt a socialist style of taxation and imitate Europe? The whole reason why America is a better place is because our forefathers of this nation decided not to imitate European ideals of nobility and give everyone the same equalities. The Fair TAX HR/SR-25 would again give Americans tax equality and fairness for all.