Posted: Oct 13, 2005 By: Stephen Fite

Subject: Income Tax

Comment: The income tax in this country is a joke and an inequity that you should abolish.
This, unfortunately, will be the farthest thing from your minds as you continue to play one segment of the population against another, the rich versus the poor. How shameful and hypocritical. Who do you run to for donations to fund your campaign for election? Could it be the wealthy you villify when it suits your needs? I am not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but I certainly am not in favor of this current oppressive system. To use the word porgressive to describe it is dishonest and insulting to say the least. The government of the United States claims to be indiscriminate, a government that treats all citizens equally and fairly. Your plans for taxation and reform tell a different story. The founders of our great country would be ashamed. We have nothing more than fiscal commnunists running DC.

You should trash the current system. Remove all individual income taxes, all corporate taxes and bring offshore businesses back home. Institute a Fair Tax plan that taxes retail sales across the board. Not value added taxes, but retail sales tax. That is the only FAIR way to gather money for the government and to unleash the economic engine of the United States.

I hope you will do the right thing for ALL CITIZENS but from what I've heard from your members thus far, I doubt you have the intestinal fortitude to go against the grain. But if you did, wouldn't it be a great start to a reconnection with the average American citizen that does all the real wotk in this country?