Posted: Apr 25, 2005 By: Dave Lacy

Comment: Gentlemen,

You have a challenging job, I just hope that you will meet this challenge
with a simple and fair tax to all of us, including the wealthy.

As a fellow that has worked for 40 years and paid more than my fair share of
taxes, please simplify the tax code at the expense of disturbing the
"wealthy ones".

I believe that a flat tax of some type, like Social Security Tax, could be
very fair if applied to all income and considerbly reduce the tax burdon on
all of us.

Everyone needs to pay their fair share to support this country endeavors to
provide the best standard of living to all of us.

I do not believe the wealthy should be able to exempt much of their income
so that the rest of us bear the burdon of taxes in an unfair mannor.


Dave Lacy