Posted: Apr 24, 2005 By: MAR DOMINGUEZ

Comment: tax code should be simple. flat tax is good idea and should be tied to all
income level. tax should be as percentage of income. percentage should be
proportional to the income whether individual or corporation - as income go
up, tax percentage should increase. range of income to be taxed should be
narrow and the percent allocated in small portion. use a 45 degree curve,
x-axis as income and y-axis as percentage both from zero. eliminate the
current system where the tax burden falls on the majority of middle and low
income group. loopholes used by the rich and corporations accounting not
readily available to the majority to be eliminated. as saving cost, filing
tax every year should be eliminated as tax will taken automatically as
income is dispersed. no more bureaucratic internal revenue except for those
as needed and the complicated tax code. imagine the trillions that can be