Posted: Apr 25, 2005 By: Carlo Hagopian

Comment: I would suggest to have only a national sales tax where everyone will
be taxed at 5% on any items that are necessary such as food,
refrigerator, cars under $25,000, tires, washing machine, you get the
Tax 10% on alcoholic beverages, snacks, cigarettes and other useless
products to discourage their use and 15% on luxury items or items that are
not in the "necessity" category. This tax system not only is fair, but
it will create future generations who will know how to save and how to
spend their money and will eliminate the "victim" mentality of people
who blame everyone else for not saving except themselves. Keep charity
and home ownership deductions as encouragement for having the lower
middle class and the poor movement upward in the class ladder.
I also have a suggestion that even though is not related to tax
reform, but it is the most important component in our economy today that is
adverse ly affecting our economy, namely the healthcare system. The well
thought nationalized healthcare system is as much in line with the
conservative mentality as the liberal one, because when everyone is offered
and guaranteed good health insurance coverage, corporations don't have
to spend a big chunk on workers compensation. Also auto insurance
companies won't have to pay large medical and liability coverage expenses
which in turn will create very low auto insurance premiums nationwide.

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