Posted: Apr 25, 2005 By: NULL

Comment: Dear Panel,

I believe very strongly that a national flat tax is the way to alleviate not
only bureacratic nightmare of the IRS Tax Codes, but also the anemia of the
national budget.

A national flat tax on sales will ensure that EVERYONE, from the teacher to
the Bond Baron, from the drug dealer to the embezzler, will pay their FAIR
share of tax to the goverment.

Everyone is a consumer on some level. Right now, people who evade taxes
don't pay to support the goverment infrastructure, but they DO buy
consumable goods. So does the average taxpayer. By eliminating the income
tax and moving to a flat tax system, everyone is taxed equitably and those
that would normally avoid taxes will be forced to pay them everytime they
buy good or food or gas.

This just makes sense.


Angela Knight

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