Posted: Oct 30, 2005 By: Steve Keller

Subject: Fair Tax

Comment: I can’t believe the panel for tax reform is not recommending HR-25. Isn’t the panel reading the comments on this website? If they were they would see that the American people want the Fair Tax.

It also bothers me that the Fair Tax has become a political issue, with most support coming from Republicans. Just because a Republican introduced HR-25 it seems like most Democrats are against the Fair Tax. It should not be a political issue. The Fair Tax is good for all Americans. I am a registered Democrat and usually vote for Democratic candidates. This issue has completely reversed my political thinking. I'm sure this will hold true for many other voters unless we see more Democrats supporting the Fair Tax.

Many Democrats are saying this bill will hurt the poor. This is just not true. Let’s compare our income tax system to the Fair Tax. Under the Fair Tax those earning the poverty level or less will pay no tax at all. Even if they spend all their earnings, they will pay no tax. The prebate reimburses them for this tax. Under our current income tax system even if an individual is exempt form income tax, 8% is still withheld from his pay checks for S.S. and Medicare. Plus, he is paying all the embedded taxes and compliance cost that are currently built into the cost of all goods and services. The fair tax will also boost our economy which will give the poor a chance at better paying jobs.

It is my strong belief that it is time to replace our current income tax system with a consumption tax as proposed under HR-25. Public opinion is very high on this change. Almost everyone I talk to agrees with this. Yes, it is not perfect, but it is 1000% better than our current system. I just can’t believe anyone can think trying to reform our current ridiculous tax system is a better solution than replacing it with the Fair Tax. The only way it won’t pass is because of the greedy lobbyist and people in Washington who thrive off our unfair income tax system. Anyone who is not for the Fair Tax is either a tax lobbyist, a criminal who never reports income, an illegal alien, who gets paid under the table, or someone who is just plain ignorant.