Posted: Apr 24, 2005 By: Ramon Cardona

Dear Member, as you include mortgage interest deductions and other middle
income Americans tax breaks or credits high on your list, you seem to forget
or exclude the many corporations that offer money to Congress and put more
tax lien on the working people in an inordinate manner. While finding more
money for the government is a commendable project do not forget what Dr.Phil
on TV says, "You cannot cure money problems with money." It is true for a
family that spends more than what it makes and it is true for any government
institution. Spending is out of control because Congress and the White House
seem to have no limits and what they can give away. In a previous email I
stated that all government programs and projects need to be on the table.
Arts are nice but social security and defense are more. Cancel the arts.
Grants for study abroad and money for other favorite congressional give
always are nice but Americans have more pressing needs. Cancel these grants
and give a lways. Foreign aid is nice but the priority for spending in this
area seem to me should be pretty low. Even the large money expenses related
to the military academies, somewhat of an anachronism in view of excellent
educational universities all over the US, should be evaluated and perhaps
change to a 2 year finishing program allowing students a bit of time to
mature and find out about the military via ROTC programs that allow a bit
more screening and more competition. Graduates of these military academies
have the lowest retention past the initial military commitment yet generate
a large number of high ranking promotions. Smells like politics to me and
carries a high expense when looked at carefully. There seems also to be a
lot of general officers at these academies. Appointments to these academies
by Congress should be terminated. The list is endless on what the government
can terminate or manage better in order to reduce costs. Do we really need
to be Japan's p rimary national defense forces? It has been a long time
since WW II ended. Japan is very wealthy and no a threat. Let's pull out of
the region and save dollars in that area as well. Thanks.

Ramon Cardona
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