Posted: Oct 18, 2005 By: pete dillon

Subject: HB25

Comment: Once again the government does what it does best...NOTHING! You have set up another committee to study yet another problem. That gives the special interest lawyers time to pay off the committee, to just nibble at the current tax code. Then you send the spin-snakes out to tell everyone what a great job you have done. You are self-serving thieves, whose only goal is to be re-elected. None of you give a tinker's damn about the public. We are just your meal ticket, voting you into office. But, there are two issues that, are of such concern to the majority public, those will cost jobs come election time. Those are: REPLACING the current tax code, and stopping the flood of illegal immigrants into this country. I am now retired, and have 24/7 to use my computer through BLOGS, germane chat rooms, and bulletin boards to track individual voting records and target the lazy, greedy ones of you, for removal from office.