Posted: Apr 28, 2005 By: Dr Richard Biek

Subject: 87% FAVOR FAIR TAX

Comment: There is nothing yet presented that has greater advantages than the Fair Tax
for all concerned.

As soon as persons learn what proposes, 87% favor Fair Tax over the current income tax and the flat tax.

We can repeal the 16th amendment to the Constitution.

Individuals do not file taxes.

Businesses need only to deal with sales tax returns.

Employees receive 100% of pay.

Social Security and Medicare are funded from consumption tax revenue not from the paycheck.

No personal forms are filed.

Significant tax prep cost savings.

Un-taxes wages, savings, and investment.

Increases productivity.

Produces significant economic growth.

Taxpayers pay the same rate and control their liability.

Tax paid depends on life style.

All taxes are rebated on spending up to the poverty level.

Foreign companies are forced to compete on even terms with U.S. companies for the first time in over 80 years.

As the Founding Fathers intended, the FairTax does not directly tax individuals.

45 states now use a retail sales tax.

Reduces rates by an estimated 25-35 percent.

Savings and investment increase.

Increases investment by U.S. citizens, attracts foreign investment.

IRS is abolished.

Makes U.S. manufacturers more competitive against overseas companies.

Escalates creation of jobs by attracting foreign investment and reducing tax bias against savings and investment.

Zero hours tax prep for individuals.

Greatly reduced tax prep hours for businesses.

Reduced tax rates and fewer filers will increase compliance.

No more corporate or personal income tax.

The FairTax is highly visible and easy to understand.

It's people friendly.

No one has a better idea.

Do what is right for the citizens and the country -- not for those interested in getting power away from the people.