Posted: May 19, 2005 By: Paul Moore

Subject: Consumption base taxation

Comment: Taxation should have the singular goal of providing revenue to a government. Our current system is more focused on social engineering and special interest groups than on revenue collection. Over the life-span of income based taxation we have seen that the trend is always towards complexity based on principles and assumptions which are not always in the beset interest of the tax system or the country as a whole. With previous tax reforms the increase complexities have been removed, only to see different complexities replace them. Knowing that history tends to repeat itself, staying with an income based tax system makes little sense, because we will be entering this same debate and spending money on the same problems in roughly 20 years.
Consumption base taxation resolves many of the problems we have in the current tax code, while drastically decreasing the compliance costs for both corporations and individuals. It also seems that a straight consumption based tax would eliminate or at least greatly decrease the decent into complexity experienced from income-based taxation systems. While it is unwise to dismiss the turmoil which will be created by such a radical alteration to our tax system, our responsibility to leave a better world for our children requires us to bite the bullet and do the right thing.
Thank you for taking the time to read my comments. Words do not accurately express the hopes I have riding on this report and the resulting changes to make America a better and stronger place in the future. I have two small children, and dream that 15 years from now I can explain what “Tax Day” was and see the blank stare of disbelief in their eyes.
Good luck, part of our future is in your hands.