Posted: Oct 09, 2005 By: Anthony Gray

Subject: Tax reform and another vote for the "Fair Tax"

Comment: Almost every tax system seems to have huge flaws that make them, ultimately, unfair. One big problem (currently) is that really rich people and businesses are able to spend the money necessary to figure out the loopholes. Worse they routinely pay lobbyists to influence the specific wording of the tax code to their advantage.
The Fair Tax (HR25 and S25) doesn't seem to suffer from as many pitfalls as the other tax reform suggestions I've heard, and would be less susceptible to abuses like my prior example. It's a national sales tax with a monthly "prebate" sent to every family that covers the cost of the taxes paid, up to the poverty level. Add in the fact that eliminating an income tax will also lead to a reduction in the basic cost of practically every item (embedded taxes), so that the end result will be NO actual cost increase for items's simply the most FAIR idea I've come across.
I sincerely hope that everyone puts away their preconceived notions, and gives the "Fair Tax" a chance.
Thanks for the opportunity to speak my mind,