Posted: Apr 25, 2005 By: NULL


I am a hardworking, middle-class american citizen. The current tax code is
such a burden to me and all the millions like me. No one understands the
code, not even the "powers-that-be" who wrote it in the first place.

Personnaly, I have called the IRS with questions about my taxes, asked the
same question(s) to five different agents and, honestly, received five
different answers!

Follow John Linder's lead. Repeal the 16th amendment, pass the FairTax Bill
and give America and her citizens a chance to breath again.

The FairTax meets and exceeds all the President's Panel requirements and
expectations being asked. The FairTax is just that, FAIR for everyone.
Everyone who consumes pays, that's fair. Everyone gets to KEEP their whole
paycheck, which they've earned, that's fair. Everyone gets a rebate to keep
the tax percentages low for the poor, that's fair.

With the FairTax everyone wins.

Thank you for your time,
Julie Williams
Ellenwood, GA