Posted: Oct 31, 2005 By: Daniel Smalling

Subject: tax reform

Comment: I would just like to know what the Tax Advisory Panel's objections to the Fair Tax Proposal are. It is NOT a regressive tax. It IS fair. And I believe it would do more to stimulate the economy and to restore tax payers sense of fairness in our tax system than any other proposal. What the american people DON'T need is a system that continues to give the financially well off and big corporations an unfair advantage, a system that allows the rich to unfairly influence lawmakers by donating money to reelection campaigns and by hiring highly paid lobbiest to get tax laws written in their favor, a system that is wide open to cheating and manipulation.
The poor pay essentially no taxes under the current system and would pay none under The Fair Tax (see exemptions for basic cost of living up to the poverty level). The advantage for the poor under The Fair Tax is that they could save UNTAXED dollars and would PAY NO FEDERAL TAX ON USED GOODS. Since the poor depend on the used or second hand market for survival, this would help poor to survive with out additional subsidies or increasing the minimum wage.
I believe that The Fair proposal is the only tax proposal that should be considered.
Thank you,
Daniel Smalling