Posted: Apr 26, 2005 By: John Henderson

Subject: Tax Reform

Comment: April 26, 2005

The President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform
1440 New York Avenue NW
Suite 2100
Washington, DC 20220

The Economy of the United States is Booming

Individual Savings Percentage Rate Never Higher

Tax Lobbyist Unemployed – No More Loop Holes

We will see these headlines in papers across the country if this Advisory Panel recommends the Fair Tax, Congress passes it and the President signs it into law.

The time is right for an elimination of the current tax system. It’s to complicated, it’s unfair and families and businesses are making critical decisions which effect their lives and businesses solely on the application of tax law.

The Fair Tax will:

• Invigorate the economy of the USA
• Encourage capital investment in the USA
• Reduce national unemployment
• Encourage savings and investing
• Encourage people to take hold of their own future
• Allows all people to become less dependent on government

The Fair Tax is the fuel for our economic engine. Some will oppose this legislation, please consider their special interest.

The FairTax must be passed.


John Henderson
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Eagan, MN 55123