Posted: May 22, 2005 By: Kevin Moore

Subject: Tax Protester

Comment: IRS Withdraws Criminal Allegation.
Tax Protester Walks Free!

On April 12th 2005, William Wallace Lear of Muskegon Michigan appeared in federal District Court in Grand Rapids to face IRS charges claiming Lear had violated the terms of his probation. William Lear had served one year in a federal detention facility in Minnesota following his conviction in 2002 for Willful Failure to File income tax returns (a misdemeanor). His probation began in March, 2004.

The basis for the probation violation hearing was an IRS claim that Lear failed to abide by the strict terms of his probation which included the requirement that he file all his delinquent tax returns and pay all back taxes and penalties owed.

Just as the hearing before Judge Gordon Quist began, the DOJ attorneys moved to dismiss the IRS's probation violation claim against Lear that would have sent him back to prison.

Why? Why would the IRS and DOJ walk away from a golden opportunity to send a convicted tax protester back to prison?
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