Posted: May 30, 2005 By: Frederick L Hintze, Jr.

Subject: The Fairtax

Comment: Dear Tax Reform Panel,
You have a very difficult task before you. Please remember several things that may make your task less complicated:
1. You be "patriots, and make the best decision for the LONG TERM SURVIVAL OF THE USA.
2. Then you should review carefully the provisions of the Fairtax.
3. You will discover that the Fairtax is the only FAIR AND COMPREHENSIVE WAY TO TAX ALL PEOPLE. By all people, we mean the rich, the poor, the criminals, the tourists, the illegal aliens, the cash businesses, and the middle class.
Our current tax system misses most of the above except the middle class and the employed poor who get stuck with the 15% FICA.
The most difficult aspect of the Fairtax is convincing Congress to give the tax system as a means of "social engineering" in favor of a reformed tax system that will save our country from the current economic decline and energize the citizens and businesses because the USA will viable and competitve in world markets again.
Trust me! The Fairtax is the answer to your dilemma. Suggesting it and selling it to Congress will make you all feel great because you will then be true statesmen and patriots. You names will go down in history and the group that saved the USA from economic stagnation and ultimate ruin.