Posted: Apr 27, 2005 By: Glen Rogers


Comment: 1. The existing tax code should be dumped.
2. A new tax code should;
a. be a flat rate. Everyone pays the same percentage regardless of income.
b. No deductions or write-offs for mortgage interest, charity, catastrophic losses, or any other reason.
c. No tax credits for Agriculture, energy development, business development, or any other reason.
d. No Loop Holes.
3. Persons whose ONLY income is from Social Security benefits, Retired Military pension, or other Pension should be not only exempt from taxation but also exempt from filing annual tax return.
4. The tax filing requirements should be simple enough to be done on a Post Card.
5. If Congress or the President wants to establish some business incentives, it should be in some form OTHER than tax credits.
6. It should be made DIFFICULT TO AMEND any new tax code. Amending the new tax code should be made as difficult as it is to amend the Cobstitution.