Posted: Apr 26, 2005 By: James L. Buttino

Subject: National sales tax to replace IRS code

Comment: Replacing the IRS code with a national sales tax would be fair to all and will force all consumers (business, consumers, even the undergrounders like drug dealers and prostitutes) to contribute. The collection vehicle is already in place (though in violation of the 13th Amendment) as all states have sales tax and compliance costs to the taxpayer would be $0. There should be one lower rate for home or office building purchases (up to a threshold) and a higher rate for everything else including business purchases. Sales tax on charitable contributions would not apply as it is not a purchase. Don't even start with exemptions or you will end up with lobbyists/special interests, social engineering, and 60,000 pages of tax code again. With the underground economy included, you could probably eliminate the SS/medicare tax and fund it from general revenues. There you have it - keep it simple.