Posted: Apr 27, 2005 By: Reverend Phillip Tunison

Subject: Replace Income Tax with National Sales Tax

Comment: Dear Sir,

I believe that the US Tax system should be completely overhauled.

The most useful system I have seen is covered in the materials provided by Citizens for an Alternative Tax System (CATS).

It is essentially replacing the taxation of income with the taxation of purchases.

Naturally allowances are made for basic items like food clothing and shelter so less fortunate are not overly burdened yet carry a share of taxation like all of us.

This makes all consumers into taxpayers, this brings the criminals onto the tax rolls for the first time as any who buy luxury goods would be Federally taxed. It would also bring all "tax evaders" back on the tax rolls if they buy anything that is Nationally Sales Taxed.

It removes any necessity for the complexity of the IRS code or the IRS other than as a body to manage the already very grooved in and well running sales tax system that all states and many cities use to support themselves.

It will remove tremendous overhead from business in the US and help us recover economically, it is a good system.

Our current system is not working.

It should be scrapped entirely.

Adding the National Sales Tax on top of the current tax system would be a collosal mistake.

The benefits will come from removing the current taxation of income, that is what keeps us from being competitive with pricing because companies have to build into the price of a good or service the "income tax" bite of each supplier along the line from raw materials to finished product, plus the cost of armies of lawywers and accountants to try to figure out and comply with the IRS tax system which has become complex beyond belief.

Please contact CATS and they will be certain to help.

Go to that is the website.


Rev. Phil Tunison