Posted: Apr 26, 2005 By: David Zickefoose

Subject: Tax Reform

Comment: It is time to return to a tax that is consistant with the views and beliefs of our Country's founders.

Our founders included the right of personal ownership in our constitution to limit governmental ownership. Ownership includes not only the right to own land, but the right to own the property receive from the fruits of their labor; namely, the earning for our efforts, salary. The 16th Ammendment took away individual ownership of our earnings, and granted the government the right to take from the people without limits. Additionally, much of my personal tax goes to support organization and entitlements with which I totally disagree, including the pork barrel.

We need a fair way of securing the financing necessary to support government, not one founded on the principle of taking from those based on ability and giving to those based on need.

A national sales tax on pruchases seem to be a fair answer.

In any event, tax reform is long over due. The estimate of 6 billion hours required to do the nations taxes is incredible, and indicitative of a process that has out-lived its value. The cost of maintaining the IRS in its present form continues to needlessly drain our treasury.

Dispite the lobby of tax attorneys and accounts that have established an entire industry, and inspite of those in business and public office that have the means to capitalize of tax loopholes that insure personal gain, it is time to fix something that is broken.


Dave Zickefoose
Omaha, NE