Posted: Apr 27, 2005 By: Lisa Brooks

Subject: fair tax HR-25

My name is Lisa Brooks and I live Alabama. I would like the panel to consider the fair tax proposal, it would be a disservice to the American people to just over look this idea. We struggle to pay the taxes that we have now, but with this bill we would be able to save or invest our money and still have more than enough going to taxes thru a consumption tax. We would decide what we pay and people who have never paid taxes would have no other choice but to pay. We have illegal aliens and drug dealers, and others who are paid under the table that never pay a penny with the current system, but with the HR-25 fair tax system everyone would have to pay and the burden would not be left on the shoulders of the people that are hard working, honest Americans that pay there taxes every year while others don't. Again please consider this bill.

Lisa Brooks