Posted: Oct 18, 2005 By: Donna Nelson

Subject: Tax Reform

Comment: Yes I agree that there needs to be changes made in our tax system. The changes should start with the wealthy paying more and the middle to lower income class Americans paying less.

One of the reasons for the American Revolution was Taxation Without Representation. Well, that is going on today, the working class (by this I mean the middle and lower income citizens) are not being represented in the American government. The upper class and wealthy are given all sorts of tax breaks while the middle and lower income citizens pay more. The people who keep this country going are constantly being stepped on and kicked aside so that the wealthy can get wealthier.

If there are to be any tax breaks given they should be given to the middle and lower income citizens and the wealth should have to pay more in taxes.

The economic recovery of this coutry should be the burden of the working class - America was economically stable until the election of George W. Bush - so what makes people think that he has any good plans for this country. He has destroyed in a few short years what took almost a decade to rebuild after the first Bush was in office.

As I stated in my first sentence - Yes there needs to be reform in our tax system - the reform needs to be for the working class to get all the tax breaks and the wealthy to pay higher taxes.