Posted: Oct 18, 2005 By: Ron Cates

Subject: Tax Reform Report

Comment: Just a short note of thanks for the wake-up call. We really appreciate knowing that there will not be any true tax reform coming from within the 495 Beltway. We now understand that the responsibility for implementing the Fair Tax Act lies with the voters across the land.
Thanks also for a lesson in real-world politics.Your performance has shown that even an independent, highly esteemed, experienced and well respected group such as yours simply cannot be effective in Washington. It's obvious that K Street lobbyists hold sway over everything that happens there. Now the voters must become the most powerful lobby. We're all over the web and e-mail organizing voters to create that lobby...and it's working.
Thanks for eliminating the tax reform panel as political cover. Politicians can no longer hide behind the curtains while pulling the strings of the Tax Reform Panel. They've been outed as the puppet masters and you as the puppets. All politicians hiding behind this panel must now accept the personal responsibility for their lack of support for true tax reform.
Along with thanks, we'd also like to offer condolences because each member of this panel will have their professional reputation destroyed when the panel report is submitted. The report will show the total indifference the panel had for the President's request of 'options for tax reform', knowing that he had expressed interest in the Fair Tax Act as one of those options. This report will invite howls of protest and division. Hopefully, the President will send you packing and appoint another panel to do what was requested.

A very concerned voter,
Ron Cates
Georgetown, In. 47122