Posted: Oct 11, 2005 By: Bill Finstrom

Subject: Tax Reform for Seniors

Comment: Easy as eating pie. Eliminate taxation of Social Security Benefit payments to retirees over the age of 62. This means no 85% taxable formula from 1993 Clinton Administration; and no 50% taxable formula from 1986 Reagan Administration.

Tax on Social Security Benefit payments to retirees is a Double-Tax, and should be declared null and void.

For the amount of tax collection reduction, the Seniors that are affected with less federal income tax may well be able to afford Health Care Insurance and Medication. Anyway you look at it, the Senior population would be stimulating the economy with more actual cash staying in their pockets for whatever they wish to spend it on (not to mention the gasoline and winter heating costs).

The need to eliminate this double-tax is urgent, and immediate.