Posted: Oct 13, 2005 By: Saralee Perry

Subject: Tax Reform

Comment: The key word in your commission is "reform". I hear NO suggestions that reflect actual reform. The current tax system is so complex it is impossible to understand. Tax REFORM would be the Fair Tax currently before the house. Raising taxes on the "rich" is not reform, it is the standard.

Please bring in people outside the beltway, outside of government and the IRS to actually learn how reforms can work.

The public is more than ready to reform our tax system. The public would love to get rid of the IRS. The public pays the money. The Fair Tax provides the government with the money needed to run the government while being revenue neutral. It can make our country a tax haven and create jobs.

A committee established for reform, should actually offer reforms vs the same ole, same ole of tax increases on the rich and other old standards.

The public is looking for actual reform. Please offer the president with innovative new ideas.