Posted: Apr 27, 2005 By: Robert J Salinetro

Subject: IRS vs

Comment: I've been closely following the discussion over tax reform with great interest as a 50+ yr old that was recently "downsized" and decided to try going into business myself and to compete against my former employer. The amount of time I spend keeping track of everything and talking with my accountant is outrageous and the thought of getting rid of the IRS completely and using the Fair Tax made much more sense to me. But this is not what has prompted me to right. The following is!
When I was let go, an older gentleman who worked for me, Mr. Robert Kegg, also lost his job to downsizing. Mr.Kegg is mentally slow and not well received socially. He worked for me for 5 years and was very dependable. While working for me I kept up with his financial situation and kept him from making pour choices and helped him find affordable housing (NOT SECTION 8!) with good access to public transportation, etc. Bob's been working part time/temp jobs for the past 2 years since he was let go and been just barely able to make ends meet. I've been in contact with Bob for the past month helping him get caught up with his utilities and rent. Consequently, just yesterday, Bob called me and told me he was getting an eviction notice on May 1! Now if Bob didn't have 80% of his pay withheld every week he would have an additonal $40 to live on which amounts to half his rent! He would not be in this situation if the IRS was abollished and we went to the "Fair Tax", in fact, he would be in a much better financial situation with the poverty level prebate built into the "Fair Tax". The current tax system is oppressive to the poor and tends to keep them poor! Nothing would please me more than to see folks like Mr. Kegg, and myself, keep all of our hard earned pay and choose when and where to get taxed.
Thanks for this opportunity to address the tax panel. Please give due consideration to the Fair Tax as I feel it is the fairest, most progressive and visible tax system proposed.

Robert J. Salinetro