Posted: May 20, 2005 By: Eric Winchell

Subject: Replacing the system

Comment: I fully support replacing the entire system with a FairTax-type plan. The economic benefits are backed by nearly all independent economists who have studied the plan ( Saving and investment would rise, there would be 80% fewer forms to be processed, and major resources in the tax industry would be freed to pursue other business. I would rather pay taxes in REAL time, as I spend it, rather than with the current delayed system. I would rather not have to THINK about exactly what tax I owe for days out of every year. I would rather there be ONE tax for individuals (and businesses) as opposed to a consumption tax plus others such as a payroll and capital gains taxes. We only need one. Then give rebates to everyone up to the poverty level. No Tax Reform Panelist made a case against the execution of collecting this tax. They just tried to raise an surface worry, when it's very simple -- 80% FEWER forms makes it more manageable. If the real "cheat" ratio stays the same, the actual tax revenue would go UP simply because collection agents are far fewer in number than 180 million forms from individual citizens and therefore easier to manage by the IRS. What is the hangup?