Posted: Oct 11, 2005 By: constance barnes

Subject: taxation of social security

Comment: I am widowed and draw my husbands social security. I worked as an accountant for thirty years, but my husband's social is higher, so I take that and get nothing from by account. My husband died at 60 so he didn't draw it either. I have a small annuity from the air force, as a widow and take every month from my ira's to live. The amount of tax on the social security really bothers me. The taxability of the social Security when you
go over the 25,000 theshold is not a reasonable figure anymore. I lost my social security, most of my husband's air force pension and end up paying on most of the social security I do get. Why isn't the $25,000 single and $32,000 levels changed to reflect the current income level needed to live before a person must have to pay more taxes. The tax reforms that are in law now, thanks to President Bush did not help me one single bit, but, I know many who have much more income then me and others like me have saved a good amount. Please recommend raises those levels, so someone that lives modestly won't to pay on the social security income. Give us in that category some tax breaks also!!!. Thank you,