Posted: May 25, 2005 By: W.McPharlin

Subject: Federal Income Tax

Comment: Married filing jointly should always be double of single-eg. rates, IRA contributions,and exemptions for age and blind should be the same, ie $3,100.00.; first social security payments should be a return of the FICA & Medicare taxes paid and then all SS payments would be taxable; start this in 2005 and make it up for all who are now receiving SS. The SS has the amount of taxes paid. I paid $120,000.00 in taxes and paid taxes on those taxe AND now I'm paying taxes again on the taxes I'm receiving in the form of SS payments, talk about double taxation.
Remember SS used be tax free up until 1986. No 7 1/2% floor on medical deductions. Please help the old people, some day you will be.