Posted: Apr 24, 2005 By: Tim Gebhardt

Comment: I suggest that the United States gets rid of income taxes. It's too
easy for those with the time and money to figure out how to pay less
into the system than those that don't have the time and money to
manipulate the system.

I propose that the United States implement a national sales tax. I
believe that this has a few advantages:

1. Wealthy people purchase more at higher prices, so the wealthy would
pay more taxes than those that don't have as much.

2. Refunds could be given to those at or below the poverty level so they
don't pay much, if any, taxes.

3. It is easy for Americans to see how much they are being taxed than
the current system. It is also easy to fight for lower taxes.

4. I believe that it would encourage home ownership because those that
wish to own a home could save faster for a down payment on a home.
Those that wish to own their own home could put money in savings or
invest it and it would accumulate interest faster if the interest income
were taxed. The government would collect its taxes eventually when the
buyer(s) purchase the home, so everyone comes out a winner.

-Tim Gebhardt