Posted: Apr 24, 2005 By: Gary Treadwell

Comment: To the President's Advisory Panel on Tax,

Today I reviewed the suggestions identified in the LA Times Newspaper
concerning tax process ideas.

I to have considered this item and the follow recommendations are for your

Tax Base - Flat Tax for all taxpayers, rate to be established annually based
on Federal Operating budget requirements.

Cost benefits:

IRS could decrease head count and remove the complexity of annual return
process by simple flat % tax.

Less audits would be required as less errors made by common citizen such a
myself (audit in 2001 due to miscalculation caused by misinterpretation of
rules by IRS and myself).

Would enhance cost control on Federal spending, an operating budget would
have to be prepared each year and adhered to. This is no different than the
public business sector in which a plan is made and adhered to or the
business go bankrupt.

Public Concerns:

Low income folks will have to pay the same portion as a high income person,
that is reasonable all must share in there personal responsibility of
supporting our government.

If the Peoples voice is that they want to support low income family and
other Social programs then buy all mean support the programs. However these
programs need to be considered and budgeted for first at the time of Federal
Operation budget development and integrated into the budget. With this type
of flat tax % ratio the government would be able to annual adjust the tax
base to the required level and promptly notify all citizens so that they can
pay the correct amounts of money to the government monthly.

The result Federal balance budget, low income and other Social programs
supported, and the government is doing what the people want.

Good luck on your task,

Gary S. Treadwell