Posted: May 23, 2005 By: Tom Rosson

Subject: Illegal garnishment

Comment: Dear Sirs (Madam)
We have recently been the VICTIM of an illegal garnishment of my wife's paycheck. I have several signed certified mail receipts to a Mr. Parizek in Ogden attempting to verify and authenticate the debt reported. We have been ignored.

I filed a lawsuit in District Court here in Denver in an attempt to force these guys into providing the documentation required by LAW. Only to have the DOJ and the IRS laugh and scoff at us. The appeals court ruled that I had to go back to Tax court which is in direct conflict with the laws of this great nation. Tax court IS NOT under the judicial branch, Remedy cannot be found in tax court for money wrongly paid to THE SERVICE.

They have not verified any debt and have consistently thumbed their nose at us. We all should be ashamed, in this country the IRS has the ability to take away the right of due process. To take away a man's (woman's) right to make a living. Incredible.

We are having to file bankruptcy just to get the illegal garnishment lifted. The IRS did not just garnish $1000.00 a month or so. No, they garnished all of her pay. $4000.00 a mo. We have been unable to meet our obligations. We could have continued to pay our creditors if they had taken a portion of her pay. I have asked which tax we were being assessed several times to no avail.

Our representives in Washington have NOT stepped up to the plate. In complete ignorance of the law and the constitution they have allowed this organization to place themselves above the LAW.

Is there anybody out there that can help us? We have lost $12,000.00 in the last Ninety Days. We paid off three cars last year and was making progress against all of our debt when the illegal garnishment was placed.

You want to know how bad it is. Pick up the phone, Call the IRS and ask them specifically which tax are the Rosson's being assessed. Do their revenues reflect some type of taxable activity as outlined in the IRC manual? Did they sell a firearm, was their income attributed to wagering? There are 53 different taxes as outlined in the book. (Look under "Tax Liability" in the Table of contents.) We want to believe in our government. We want to believe in the Reform Panel. Can anyone help us??????

For copies of any of the letters I have sent to numerous IRS employees in order to authenticate the debt PLEASE CALL.

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