Posted: Apr 25, 2005 By: mac goodell

Comment: An historic and ancient tax perk was handed to clergy back when ministers
lived in the church manse and also lived in dire poverty. The exemption
that allows all clergy to use the entire cost of their home, repairs,
furniture, upkeep, maintainence, etc, by naming a figure and then deducting
it from their salary, leads to dishonesty and blatant tax relief that is
offered to no other class of taxpayers in the U.S. Many churches, temples,
synegogues, mosques, etc, have staffs of 5 to 15 ministering staff, and as
they report as much as 25000 to 40000 dollars as their fair cost of home
keeping, each year, the cost to gov. is staggering considering the number of
people in the class. Fairness to all demands that most of these outlandish
benefits should be removed by courageous members of the tax reform panel and
the entire House and senate. I know clergy that have a fair salary of
60,000 dollars, for example, who pay no income tax, thanks to special
treatment. Malcolm Goodell, 8 N Rose St, Lodi, Ca, 95240
209 369 5994,