Posted: May 26, 2005 By: Alan Pratt

Subject: Income tax reform

Comment: Dear Panel, I think almost all americans have their own problems with the current tax system. Frankly I have probably been considered in the proverty level income 90% of my working life so I don't think the IRS would come after me for income tax evasion. I've always tried to do my income taxes correctly and honestly but not to be to gross when I would start my taxes I got so upset that I would throw up because of the stress of taxes. I have many points but I will just talk about one. I couldn't afford an accountant most of the time so I did my own taxes. I never could understand how to declare income on investments so I never tried to save money it was just to stressful to worry about. If by the grace of God we ever have a Natonal Sales Tax I will start buying stocks because I would never have to worry about how to file taxes again. I would much rather pay 20% plus in a national sales tax than have the present tax system. My opinion is the goverment would possibly double their tax revenues intake with a National Sales tax and after the first April 15th came and went the citizentry would almost love their goverment. Thanks for your time.
Sincerely, Alan Pratt