Posted: Apr 24, 2005 By: NULL

Comment: Hello,

Please work on correcting and simplifying the Federal Tax Code. My
suggestion is to create a flat tax system that will collect taxes from all
except of course the very low income and poor. With all persons, businesses
and corporations paying their fair share, the percentage of tax required
would be low but the government would collect enough revenues to fund all
the requirements to run and protect this country.

The flat tax could be a national sales tax system or just a pure flat tax
percentage base on the amount of income earned. I am not sure exactly what
would work but I do know that the current system is outdated and the middle
class bears the highest burden.

Please push hard for reform and allow all of us Americans to not be Taxed to

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Mark D. Williams
635 Via Cumbres
Fallbrook, California 92028