Posted: Apr 26, 2005 By: E. Kevan Rowlee

Subject: Reform 26 USC income tax code? NO, abolish it!

Comment: Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen on President's Tax Advisory Panel,

Title 26 of the United States Code, the income tax code, is an elephant in a china shop. (No pun intended, Republicans.). The income tax code is too large. It's too cumbersome. It's too confusing. It's too easy to make mistakes attempting to figure out the income tax forms... even with the expensive assistance of a tax accountant. It's too punitive. It's too much of a burden on businesses & corporations to administer and collect payroll taxes. The plain & simple truth is the entire income tax system, 26 USC, is a nightmare from hell... and one doesn't have to be a Philadelphia lawyer or a whiz kid at MIT to recognize that fact!

Initially the present day nightmare (the income tax) started out as a simple flat income tax. Consequently replacing our convoluted income tax system with a flat income tax is NOT the solution as with-in a generation or two it'll be in the same sorry mess Title 26 USC is today.

Congress has been reforming the income tax code since 1913, so we don't require any more "reforming it." There's no "tax reform" in that dog... as there "ain't" no hunt left in that old income tax hound.

STOP punishing productivity with the income tax. ABOLISH the entire income tax system and replace the revenue with a tax on consumption... the national sales tax set forth by Congressman John Linder & Senator Saxby Chambliss in the form of HR25/S25 which is simple, unintrusive, unburdensome and is known as The Fair Tax.

In my humble opinion the first order of the day for this "tax panel" should be calling Linder & Chambliss before you and discussing the benefits of HR25/S25 (The Fair Tax).

For the President's Tax Panel not to call forth Congressman Linder & Senator Chambliss to discuss their national sales tax and recommend The Fair Tax is the equivalent of an obese diabetic individual not taking advantage of the Doctor Atkins Diet that's readily available to lose weight and become healthy.

Very sincerely,

E. Kevan Rowlee
Kingsland GA